Fun House Wedding Band and Party Band

Fun House Party Band and Wedding BandFun House are simply the best value for money band around! Combining fantastic live musicians with carefully recorded backing tracks, recorded by session musicians with a proven track history, who together have sold over a million records!

All of the important instruments are still 100% live providing all of the lead and backing vocals, guitars and solos as well as all of the bass and low end. The drums have been recorded in a studio by an awesome drummer to sit in the mix at any level meaning all of the excitement without the bleeding from the ears!

Based in Essex but available throughout the South East this wedding band and party band are perfect for smaller venues or anywhere with volume issues. When most bands try and play quietly they lose all the energy and excitement, however Fun House can turn a library study session into a party without getting sent out by the teachers!

Fun House make any party take off without you having to break the bank! With belting lead vocals, this band are guaranteed to make you dance the night away!

Fun House, a whole lot of fun (with prizes to be won)! This band is bigger and better than Pat Sharpe’s Mullet.

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